Welcome to WorkHome101.com!

WorkHome101.com’s goal is to provide a high quality site with lots of great information to help you discover how to make a living from home . . . doing something you love.

I emphasize “doing something you love”  because you can easily fall prey to doing any old thing just to make a buck . . . but in the long-run, you won’t really be happy or fulfilled.

Hi, my name is Dee . . .  and I’ve been passionate about finding ways to make a living while working at home for quite some time.   In fact over the years, I’ve engaged in a number of endeavors:  from telecommuting to freelancing . . . from offline home-based businesses to online enterprises.  To be candid, some of these endeavors flopped . . . but others worked fabulously. 

The important thing is that I did not give up and now I’m on track with “work from home venues” that suit ME . . . my interests, skill set, personality and lifestyle.

Why work at home?  Well, because you may need to . . . or simply because you want to. 

  • Are you home-bound due to care-taking responsibilties or because of a disability?
  • Are you retired or working part-time and want to supplement your monthly income?
  • Or, do you simply want to ditch the j.o.b., become your own boss and be in the position to create unlimited income?  (Here, here!)

There are so many (legitimate) ways you can make money working at home, you just have to find what suits YOU best.  And WorkHome101.com  offers a great start!

Based on personal experiences as well as much research, I’m intent on sharing:

  • work at home ideas you can explore
  • honest, no-hype reviews of services/tools (including introductions to some of the top trainers, business mentors and experts who have a reputation of offering effective, step-by-step training), and
  • links to resources galore

Stuff I really wish I had when I first started out.

So, you are cordially invited to partake of what WorkHome101.com has to offer.  And know that it is my deep desire that you discover just what you need to start making money at home . . . doing something YOU love!

Success Awaits,

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