Work At Home Tips: Ways To Improve Focus and Concentration

Top Three Ways To Improve Your Ability to Focus When You Work At Home

When you work at home, each moment wasted by distraction is lost income. Your time is money.

Additionally, it’s fairly safe to say that you’re not at your best when you’re distracted. It’s tough to brainstorm, produce and communicate effectively when you’re multitasking or paying attention to other things.

Here are three simple tips to improve your ability to focus when you work at home:

#1:  Prioritize. Some tasks require more concentration than others. Tackle those tasks during the time of day that you feel most productive and able to focus. For example, if you’re a morning person, then your focus is likely better in the morning.

#2:  Take breaks. You can’t expect yourself to be able to focus for long periods of time. If you’re managing a task that requires several hours of focus, plan to take breaks. Stretch. Take a quick walk.

#3:  Eliminate common distractions. Kids, pets, the internet and a host of other distractions may be part of your life. If so, coordinate your focus time when the kids are napping or at school and dog is walked and fed.  And, if you’re one of those folks who naturally gravitates toward checking email or visiting social networking sites . . . don’t do it until after you’ve focused on (and finished) the task at-hand.

If you have tasks that you have trouble concentrating on, consider outsourcing them. They’re likely tasks that bring you very little if any joy and are also tasks that could be done faster by someone else.
Spend your time on tasks you enjoy and can focus on more easily.

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